Landscape Arts

silver birch silver rings

I have been learning to make silver rings since attending my first night school class at Leeds College of Design in 1996.

crow over cheesegate nab

I’m inspired by the sculptural forms found in nature, particularly by natural landscapes and wild life.

holme horizon copper bowls

Copper artefacts to connect to the landscape, helping to make a decision on where to wander to on the horizon.

many paths

“There are many paths up the mountain but the view from the top is the same” This copper piece was made for a friend, but perhaps the message is applicable to a creative journey. Least hoping the clouds lift and the views from the hills where I live and the horizons reveal themselves.

BHA sketchbook

During the Bridge House Art portfolio course in 2017/2018 I started making my own folded sketchbooks.

experimental mark making

Experimenting with different papers, black ink and wax to make abstract landscape marks, part of my Bridge House Art portfolio project of winter 2018.

basalt paper

Using simple materials to create abstract fragments of landscapes from memory.

sutherland paper

How far can paper be transformed into something else? Exploring how paper, pigments and wax, can be turned into rock landscapes of Sutherland.